To ours guests
After 7 successful years our Guetsthouse „Chez Pablo“ will be closed on the 30th of june 2017. Sincere thanks are given to all our guests from near and far who meet us always very positively and contribued to many nice and interesting talks on the breakfast table, enjoyed her stay joyfully and returned again and again.

Guests from:
...Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, France, Spain, England, Ireland, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Palestine, Israel, South Corea, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Usa, Canada......

we had a good time!
Sonja Fuhrer & Lea Fuhrer

chez pablo
Villa Elfenau
Schüsspromenade 14
CH-2502 Biel/Bienne
+41 32 322 79 20